“The Original” Skull Bucket®

Skull Bucket® bonds classic rugged styling with innovative technology and durability to create unparalleled head protection.


The timber, construction, and gas & oil industries throughout the USA and across the world trust authentic Skull Bucket® aluminum hard hats to keep crew members safe.

Key Features

Full Warranty

Every single Skull Bucket® includes a One Year Unlimited warranty. This covers full replacement for any manufacturer defects.

ANSI Compliant

Skull Bucket™ hard hats have been tested for compliance to the ANSI Z89.1-2014, Type 1 Class-C Standard for Industrial Head Protection.

Each full brim aluminum hard hat is made from an aerospace aluminum and designed with key reinforcement areas. That means it is also extremely lightweight and durable.

Standard Colors

Get the traditional silver aluminum hard hat or choose a professional powder coated version in one of our 9 color options.

Custom Colors

We have a multitude of powder coat colors  available with short turnaround times.

Safe & Comfortable Design

Every authentic Skull Bucket® hard hat can integrate seamlessly with our four point, replaceable, Bucket-Strap™ suspension system.


This system is designed for maximum comfort while providing industry leading impact protection.

Bucket-Strap™ Innovation
Maximum Comfort

The comfort-fit pad at the crown of our Bucket-Strap™ suspension means maximum comfort even after hours of wear. Our crown pad reduces pressure from the top down so that you feel less strain after a hard day's work.

No-Slip Fit

The quick-click sizing of our Bucket-Strap™ enables adjustments that are simple and secure. This means you are continuously protected by a hat that fits comfortably and stays in place.

Dynamic Impact Protection

Bucket-Strap™ combines high tensile woven nylon webbing with extremely durable light-weight stainless steel clips. This means our suspension can sustain a forcible blow resulting in the effective displacement and transfer of impact energy directly to our safety workhorse, the Authentic Skull Bucket® Aluminum Hard Hat.

High-Absorption Sweat Defense

The replaceable Bucket-Strap™ high-absorption foam insert along the brow ensures that sweat stays put and eyes stay protected. With interchangeable foam inserts, your eyes stay comfortable in the harshest of environments. When the foam does get saturated, simply pop out the used insert and clip in a new one. No need to replace the entire Bucket-Strap™. And, our foam inserts are washable and reusable!

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